Indoor Cycling - Dynamic Yoga - One Community

Indoor Cycling Dynamic Yoga One Community

There’s no place like OM
We offer high-energy, calorie-torching indoor cycling and dynamic vinyasa yoga. Two powerful modalities, one community.

Cycle Studio

Strong, beat-driven indoor cycling with state-of-the-art sound, ambient lighting and motivating Super Instructors. Our science-based CycleOMTM Rides bring you the best indoor cycling experience in San Diego.


Yoga Studio

Dynamic vinyasa yoga taught with precision in our light, bright spacious yoga studio. This is the real deal – authentic, detoxifying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and our signature OM Vinyasa classes to strengthen and balance your body, mind and soul.


Chill Room

Big windows, lots of light and urban vibes as the trains roll by. CycleOM Reset, Strength, & Rip Rides exit to the Chill Room stocked with props for high-intensity full body strengthening or calming & balancing vinyasa yoga. Our Chill Room is also available after classes to stretch a little longer, sip a cold-pressed organic juice or to hang out, chat and chill.


What does the OM mean?

OM is sound; OM is vibrations; OM is energy. Experience the positive energy of our strong indoor cycling, dynamic vinyasa yoga and empowering OM Team spirit.


As a business, we are committed to improving not just your health, but also the health of our community and the planet.

We do not sell water in plastic bottles.  Water bottles are completely recyclable, yet 80% (38 billion) of those used in the US end up in landfills. These bottles don’t biodegrade – they photo-degrade breaking down into smaller fragments. Those fragments absorb toxins that pollute our waterways, contaminate our soil, and sicken animals. We encourage riders to bring their own water bottles and fill them with pure water from our reverse osmosis filtration system that produces cleaner, healthier water which is more easily absorbed.

We do not print receipts or paper schedules. From cutting down trees to its processing and transportation, paper takes a toll on the environment and contributes significantly to global warming. Recycling helps, but it is much better to use existing paper frugally and to its full potential before it reaches the recycling bin. Our website makes it simple to purchase classes and reserve online.

CycleOM gives a percentage of their profits to Feeding San Diego feeding more than 60,000 children, families, and seniors every week.