Safety Instructions for Indoor Cycling & Yoga


Check with your doctor before attempting any new exercise routine (indoor cycling, fitness or yoga) if you have any medical problems, health concerns or past injuries.

If you are pregnant or are working with an injury let the instructor know before class so they are aware and can advise you how to adapt the class for your needs.

You are responsible for your own wellbeing. If you experience sharp pain, nausea or major discomfort during class stop and take a break. Go only as far as you can without straining or overexerting.

Familiarize yourself with our CycleOM Ride Safety Instructions and First Ride Tips if you are attending an indoor cycling (spinning) or combo class. Please read Yoga Etiquette if you are attending a yoga class.

CycleOM Ride Safety Instructions

Starting Out

  • WATER – Stay hydrated before, during, and after your class. Bring a water bottle and sip frequently during class.
  • TOWELS – During your workout, expect to work up a great sweat. We provide workout towels to place safely on your bike.
  • WHAT TO WEAR – Wear workout gear such as tank tops, shorts or leggings. Do not wear flared pants.
  • SHOES – We have cycling shoes with SPD® cleats to clip in. If you prefer to use tennis shows you can flip the pedals over and secure your feet in the baskets.

Bike Set-Up

SEAT HEIGHT – Adjust the seat height so that your knees are slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

HANDLE BAR HEIGHT – For your first several rides, start with the handlebars in a relatively high position. As your flexibility increases and you become more comfortable on the bike you can begin to move the handlebars downward until they are just slightly higher than the saddle.

FORE/AFT SEAT POSITION – Sitting at the back of the saddle with your feet on the pedals, your knees should be at a 90° angle when both feet are equal distance from the ground. With your hands in the middle or corners of the handlebars your elbows should have a slight bend with your shoulders relaxed and down.

Learn more with our First Ride Tips videos.

Yoga Etiquette

Please respect the yoga space and other students.

  • WATER – It’s best to hydrate before and after class.
  • FOOD – You’ll be bending forwards, backwards and twisting. It’s best to practice on an empty stomach or a few hours after your last meal.
  • FRAGRANCE – Please do not wear fragrance, lotion or heavily scented essential oils.
  • PHONES – Switch off your phone before class. Place it in cubbies. No texting in class.
  • WHAT TO WEAR – Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. No shoes or socks
  • MATS – Please bring your own mat if you have one. We have mats available to borrow and stock high-quality Manduka mats for purchase.

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