Mysore Moon Days

In the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System it is traditional not to practice on Moon Days – either Full or New Moons. Out of respect for this tradition CycleOM does not offer Mysore classes on Moon Days.

Please Note: All other yoga classes are taught irrespective of the moon cycle.

The dates listed below reflect Moon days in California. Dates vary around the world.

  • Saturday 5th – New Moon
    Sunday 20th – Full Moon

  • Monday 4th – New Moon
    Tuesday 19th – Full Moon

  • Wednesday 6th – New Moon
    Wednesday 20th – Full Moon

  • Friday 5th – New Moon
    Friday 19th – Full Moon

  • Saturday 4th – New Moon
    Saturday 18th – Full Moon

  • Monday 3rd – New Moon
    Monday 17th – Full Moon

  • Tuesday 2nd – New Moon
    Tuesday 16th – Full Moon
    Wednesday 31st – New Moon

  • Thursday 15th – Full Moon
    Friday 30th – New Moon

  • Friday 13th – Full Moon
    Saturday 28th – New Moon

  • Sunday 13th – Full Moon
    Sunday 27th – New Moon

  • Tuesday 12th – Full Moon
    Tuesday 26th – New Moon

  • Wednesday 11th – Full Moon
    Wednesday 25th – New Moon