Class Descriptions

CycleOM™ offers a variety of indoor cycling and dynamic yoga classes with quality instructors. Greater choices give you more benefits. Expert instruction gives you results.

Our two complementary disciplines bring strength, endurance, balance and flexibility – plus enhancing self-confidence and reducing stress. Our motivating OM Team and positive community vibe will inspire you to work to your edge and leave feeling strong, clear and energized.

For Vibes, Rides & Yoga…

There’s No Place Like OM

CycleOM™ Ride

45 minutes

Strong. Sweat-drenched. Calorie torching. Work to your edge, riding to the rhythm with beat-bumping playlists, science-based choreography and state-of-the-art sound. CycleOM’s unique method with precise alignment details enhance the quality and results of each ride. A high-energy full-body workout and mind-releasing experience on a bike. Get ready to be motivated!
All Levels

Reset Ride

60-70 minutes

Sweat. Align. Reset. 30 mins heart-pumping CycleOM™ Ride combined with 30-40 mins vinyasa yoga and deep stretches. Strengthen and open your body, reset your mind while flowing along to the latest beats. Come to sweat – leave feeling strong, light and centered.
All Levels

Rip Ride

45 minutes

Get ripped. 30 mins non-stop, sweat-drenched, calorie-torching indoor cycling, mixed with 15 mins intense core-work hitting abs from every angle and a quick stretch. In, out, done!
All Levels

Booty Ride

45 minutes

Ride. Refine. Look good from behind. 30 mins CycleOM RideTM followed by 15 mins of high-intensity, lower body sculpting and strengthening.
All Levels

Sunday Challenge

90 minutes

Take our 90-min Sunday Challenge and push yourself farther than you ever have before. Torch 800-1000 calories. Work to your edge in endurance, strength, agility, focus and flexibility. Ride+Strength+Yoga all in one class. We’re not saying we’re athletes, but on Sundays we can pretend!
All Levels

Yoga 101

60-70 minutes

Not your typical 101 class! We keep it strong, fun and informative. Learn the structural alignment of yoga postures, breathing techniques and use of props at an upbeat pace (yes you’ll sweat!). Enhance strength, flexibility, bring balance to your body and calmness to your mind.
Level 1 – 2

OM Vinyasa

70 – 90 minutes

Vinyasa is movement with breath, OM is energy! Flow through powerful yoga postures, impeccably sequenced and synchronized with breath to strengthen, open and restore energy to the body and mind. Down-tempo playlist and a warm 80-degree studio enhance the experience. Build strength, increase flexibility and leave feeling energized.
All Levels/Level 3 – 4

Ashtanga All Levels

70 minutes

A traditional, highly active form of yoga that generates internal heat to cleanse and purify. The Ashtanga “Primary Series” is a set sequence (vinyasa) drawing from authentic roots. Learn this powerful series at a moderate pace with preps and options for more advanced postures. Feel strong, lean and focused.
All Levels

Ashtanga Advanced

90 minutes

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for advanced practitioners. Sundays and Tuesdays move through the complete Primary Series at the traditional rhythm, taught in Sanskrit. Thursday, deepen your practice with an improvised mix of Primary, Intermediate & Advanced Series postures.
Level 3 – 4


90+ minutes

Our most traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class. Open practice – arrive at any time during the times listed. Move through a set sequence at your own pace. Self-practice deepens your understanding of yoga and yourself, develops physical strength and mental clarity.
If you are new to Mysore, please attend Ashtanga All Levels before attempting this class.
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All Levels

Try our cycle/yoga combo classes.

Vinyasa in the Piazza

60 minutes

Take your yoga practice outdoors, breathing fresh air as you flow along to a down-tempo playlist beside a flowing fountain. CycleOm is honored to be invited by our Little Italy neighborhood to build community spirit and bring yoga to the Piazza del Famiglia. Meet at India & Date Streets. Mats are available or bring your own.
Sunday’s beginning 3/22/20.
All levels


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