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Class Descriptions

CycleOM™ offers a complete program of sweat-drenched indoor cycling classes, authentic yoga and unique combos. All classes are strong, dynamic and precisely sequenced to give you results. We’ll motivate you to work to your edge, take you beyond where you think you can go and leave you feeling cleansed and energized. CycleOM™ Rides are strong full body workouts, moving to the rhythm of the music. OM Vinyasa classes flow & restore balance, while our traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes detoxify the body. Our popular combos bring you all of the above in one class: sweat-drenched full body workout on a bike, combined with high-intensity strengthening or flowing vinyasa yoga.

CycleOM™ Ride

45 minutes

Strong. Sweat-drenched. Calorie torching. Work to your edge, riding to the rhythm with beat-bumping playlists, science-based choreography and state-of-the-art sound. A high-energy full-body workout and mind-releasing experience on a bike. Get ready to be motivated!
All levels welcome

CycleOM™ Strength

60 minutes

Power. Energy. Strength. 30 mins CycleOM™ Ride & 30 mins calorie-torching, strength work. Transform your body in our adjacent strength studio with high-intensity interval training and deep core work. Push yourself to your limit – leave strong, energized and confident.
All levels welcome

CycleOM™ Reset

70 minutes

Sweat. Align. Reset. 30 mins heart-pumping CycleOM™ Ride combined with 40 mins vinyasa yoga. Strengthen and open your body, reset your mind while flowing along to the latest beats. Come to sweat – leave feeling calm, light and centered.
All levels welcome

Express Ride

30 minutes

No time? No problem. Try our 30-min non-stop cardio blast! Squeeze a sweat-drenched full body workout into your busy schedule and feel energized all day long. Fast-paced, no breaks!
All levels welcome

Theme Ride

45 minutes

Sunday Funday Theme Ride! Experience our signature CycleOM™ Ride with a different instructor & special themed-playlist every Sunday! Find out who’s up next in our weekly email, Facebook & Instagram.
All levels welcome

Foundation Yoga

60 minutes

Learn the basics of alignment and proper breathing techniques in our fun and dynamic beginner’s yoga class. An excellent class to begin with – or return to and refine your skills.
Level 1 – 2

OM Vinyasa

70 minutes

Vinyasa is movement with breath, OM is energy! We flow through yoga postures, impeccably sequenced and synchronized with breath to strengthen, open and restore energy to the body and mind. Down-tempo playlist and a warm 80-degree studio enhance the experience. Balance strength, increase flexibility and let go.
All levels welcome

Ashtanga Vinyasa

75 – 90 minutes

A traditional, highly active form of yoga that generates internal heat to cleanse and purify. Ashtanga creates a strong, flexible body and brings focus and clarity to the mind. We offer authentic Ashtanga Vinyasa for all levels and Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa level 3 – 4.
Please attend All levels if are unfamiliar with Primary Series.


90+ minutes

Experience Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught in Mysore, India. Open practice, with a convenient time frame – you can arrive anytime during the times listed. Move at your own pace in a quiet environment. Our highly experienced Mysore teachers assist you in the form of hands on adjustments to guide you into precise alignment. This class develops self-discipline and mental focus.
All levels welcome

Ashtanga Remix

90 minutes

An advanced vinyasa format focusing on a particular theme (arm balancing, hip opening, back-bending) impeccably sequenced with longer holds and deeper breath designed to move beyond boundaries in your yoga practice. Must be confident in backbends and be able to maintain a 25-breath headstand. Ashtanga-based, uniquely sequenced.
Level 3 – 4


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