Indoor Cycling Tips – Your First Ride

If you’ve never taken an indoor cycling class at CycleOM you’re in for an amazing spinning experience. Our motivating super instructors, state of the art sound system, and ambient club setting will leave you drenched in sweat, feeling like you’ve worked your body to it’s edge while having fun & freeing up your mind. You’ll be wanting to book your next indoor cycling ride the minute your first one ends. It’s always good to be prepared so here are a few tips:

Pre-reg/Reserve Your Bike

Pre-registering online is easy and saves time. If you are new to CycleOM you can purchase our New Student Specials. Once you have purchased a card you can reserve a bike. Click on the class you want and a layout of our studio will appear. Select your bike and you’re set! If you are coming with a friend they will have to set up their own account. Each week’s schedule is posted online at 4pm on Sunday. You can pre-book your entire week on Sunday afternoon and keep your commitment. Get started here

Fuel up!

Indoor cycling is an intense workout, we recommend eating a light healthy meal or snack 1-2 hours before class: oatmeal, nut butter, half a banana, green drink, healthy bar.

Indoor Cycling Clothing

You’re going to sweat….a lot! Moisture wicking fabrics are ideal. Tanks and/or sports bras for women, tanks or moisture wicking t-shirts for guys. Shorts or leggings, no flared pants please.

Spin Shoes

To get the full CycleOM spinning experience and all the benefits of the ride it’s best to have your own cycling shoes that are SPD compatible.  SPD is the type of cleat you need to clip into our bikes for the purest ride. If you’ve not tried cycling shoes, we have them available to rent – just bring a pair of socks. If you enjoy the experience you can purchase shoes from any sporting goods store or cycle shop. Here’s a fun and informative article on brands.  Of course it’s absolutely fine to get started without cycling shoes. Please bring running shoes or similar and use the baskets on the flip side of the pedals.

Spin Bike Set Up

If you are brand new to CycleOM please arrive at least 15 mins early and we’ll happily assist you in setting up your bike. You don’t want to wing it. Improper set up leads to mis-alignment of your body, possible injury, plus not feeling as strong or as free as you will feel when the bike is set up specifically for you.

The Ride

The CycleOM Ride is a fun and invigorating mind/body workout. Parts of the indoor cycling class will be fast and furious sprints combined with slower hill climbs with the tension cranked up. You’ll be asked to jump up and sit down and often add choreography all to the beat of the music (and your thumping heart!). Along with intense cardio, The CycleOM Ride is serious core work. Keeping your core muscles engaged is essential for power, speed and balance. For your first few spinning classes it’s important to know your limits. If you can’t keep pace with the group reduce the tension on your bike. Sit up, catch your breath, grab a sip of water, but keep pedaling. Pretty soon you’ll be riding with the pack and feeling the CycleOM energy that keeps you coming back for more!


Stretching and taking slower deeper breaths will safely bring your heart-rate down and prevent muscle soreness. We do a minimum stretch at the end of each CycleOM Ride. You can stretch and relax longer in our adjacent Chill Room which has mats, straps and exercise balls. After indoor cycling continue hydrating. It’s also a great time for a nutrient dense healthy balanced meal within 90 mins after class for best absorption.


For the health of our planet we do not sell water in plastic bottles. For the health of YOU we provide high quality pure filtered great tasting water. Our system is reverse osmosis with ionization which produces cleaner, healthier water that is more easily absorbed. Please bring your own water bottle to fill up before class or you can purchase a CycleOM reusable bottle at the front desk.

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